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The complete POS system for convenience stores

Devo POS integrates all of your online platforms and wholesalers, saving you long hours and labour.

Everything you need for Β£30 /pm


No more tablet stress

You can manage all of your online orders directly in your POS.


No more worrying about changing online prices

All of your online prices will be synced to your in-store prices.


Re-order from suppliers with ease

Connect to wholesalers and place orders based on what is selling.


No more tablet hassle, all online orders are now available on your till.


All orders available in a single place


Update online prices from your POS


Online stock is updated based on in-store activity


Simple and modern design

Back Office

Get an overview of your business, both in-store and online. Identify fast and slow sellers and act on them.


Simple sales reports


Get insights and trends


Customise label printing


View all sales data on one screen

Wholesale Integration

Restocking from wholesalers doesn’t have to be so difficult. Place orders directly from your back office.


Integrate with Booker, Nisa, Bestway, and more...


Reduce wastage by placing orders based on sales


Compare wholesale prices


Save time for owners and managers

Premier Windmill

"We were struggling to update our online prices and then Devo launched a POS that connects in-store with online prices and this changed everything."

Sujee Kandasamy

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